Is it possible for everyone to go and study in Italy with no cost in 2022? Free Italian Education Details Study Abroad Tips

Introduction: Study in Italy for Free

The most common question is that is it possible for a common middle class student to get education in Italy. In other word, can a student in 2022 who is not so financially very strong go and study in Italy free of cost. So the answer is Yes.

Yes, it is possible for middle class not for only middle class but for everyone to go to Italy and can study free of cost. There are a lots of student who cannot afford such a huge amount of money to study abroad as they don’t have so much with them.

Italy Provide Free Education

Coming to the point that How Italy can give you quality education without spending any money on study. The answer is that in Italy the tuition fees is free, almost free. You don’t have to pay any tuition fees to study in Italy. Read: How to Study in Germany for Free in 2022? Application Process All Details Covered

In comparison with countries like UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand where a student have to pay 10 lakhs or above to fulfilled his abroad study dream and to pay the tuition fee and living expenses . Here in Italy it is absolutely free and you don’t have the burden to pay fees for your education. Also Read: EMILE BOUTMY Scholarships in France for International Students 2022

2 Important Points to Study Abroad- Italy

To study in any part of the world, you have to check two things, number one is tuition fees and the second one is living expenses. Here both are free, that mean you can study in Italy with spending any money from your pocket. How, I will explain.

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No Tuition Fees in Italy

As most of the European Public Universities are Government funded, they charge a very low or no tuition fee to the student who came from other countries to study there. In case of Italy, the Universities don’t charge any money from the students that means study here is free.

Students get Free Funds to meet their Expenses

When we talk about our second point that is living expenses and all, Italy provide free funds to those students who came from different countries to manage their living expenses here.

So here International students are offered funds to manage their living expenses.

They provide scholarship to the students that amount to 5200 euros which is in INR around 4.5 lakhs. This amount is sufficient to manage your living expenses for a year in Italy.

Do everyone get the Scholarship?

So here the question arises that whether everyone will receive the scholarship? The answer is Yes. Almost every one who had apply for the funds, they get the scholarship without much problem.

Suppose if 1000 students applied for the scholarship, nearly all of them get the funds. It is not based on the merit system where out of 1000 only 50 merited students will get the funds. In Italy every student get the funds to meet their day to day expenses.

Other European Countries Charge You Fees

If we talk about other countries of Europe like Lithuania and Latvia, you have to pay fees of 3 to 3.5 lakhs rupees, but in Italy, you get an advantage as, you don’t have to pay any tuition fees.

From different types of research it is said that there is no extra tuition fee to study in Italy. Along with that, you will get various scholarships. Even after getting so many benefits, you may have to spend two to three lakh rupees.

Consultancy VS Own Apply

Naturally, the question that will come to your mind now is that why such a huge amount of money should be spent despite the fact that there are no tuition fees or additional expenses? Let’s then search for the answer to this question.

First of all, assume that you are coming to study in Italy through an educational consultancy. In that case, this consultancy can take up to three lakh rupees from you. On the other hand, if you do self-care, you will have to spend about two lakhs.

Other Expenses

The second reason is that you need to buy a flight ticket of around 30 thousand rupees to come to Italy. Moreover, some incidental purchases must be made to come to a new country. Let’s assume it will cost you another 30 thousand rupees. Then the most important thing is that you have to come to Italy and stay at your own expense, in this case you will definitely spend a lot of money, that’s for sure.

One more important fact needs to be informed in this context. Even if you are going to study in Italy with a scholarship, you will have to spend some money. The credits earned on the basis will be credited to your account after three months. How long you need to cover your own expenses but you need two to three lakh rupees with you. This is good to know if you are going to apply for a student visa in Italy in the future.

You Will Get All Your Money Back Soon

But it can be assumed that this two to three lakh rupees that you will spend is not really an expense, it is actually an investment. Because when you return after completing your studies, you can cover up to twenty lakh rupees within two years from your own earnings.

Because from an example it is known that a person used to earn 11050 rupees in 2018 and after coming from Italy his income stands at 1 lakh rupees per month in 2022. So if such an engagement can be done once then you are sure to get more benefits in the future.

Not only will your earnings increase, your international exposure will increase, your network will increase, which will lead to better job opportunities for you.

Earn Money on Part Time Jobs

Not only in studies or degrees, but if you study in such a prosperous country, your personal value will also increase. Then the investments you make at this time i.e. the bag you are making for tuition fees or living expenses will all seem insignificant.

Moreover, while studying here you can work part time and earn additional which you will be able to send back home. Considering these aspects, it can be seen that going to study in Italy is a matter of great luck and a matter of considerable achievement.

Take the Advantage

However, middle-class families need to plan long enough before they even think about spending that much. Our advice is to take this decision after weighing all aspects and taking the advice of everyone in the family. But once you get the opportunity to study in Italy, you should definitely take advantage of that opportunity to pave the way for your future.

When Application Offered in Italy?

It is expected that between September and November 2022, application forms will be offered to various Italian universities. Keep preparing for the exam. This is a golden opportunity for those students who have just graduated

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