EMILE BOUTMY Scholarships in France for International Students 2022

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Scholarships at Political Studies in France

The Emile-Boutmy Scholarship, administered by the Paris Institute of Political Studies in France, is open to highly qualified international students. This is a very popular and high-in-demand Scholarships in France for International Students. The program is intended for people who are eligible to begin bachelor’s and master’s degree coursework in the academic year 2022/2023.

The Paris Institute of Political Studies, also known as Sciences Po, was founded in 1872. It is one of Europe’s most prestigious and selective social science colleges. It is the major educational school for France’s political and administrative elite. What are the benefits of studying at the Paris Institute of Political Studies?

Sciences Po assists students and new graduates with deciding on a career path, developing a career strategy, preparing applications, and networking with potential companies. It offers thorough career counseling and assistance at the crucial stages of the hiring process.

The Scholarship Objectives

• University or Organization: Paris Institute of Political Studies
• Course Level: Undergraduate and postgraduate degree
• Award: Educational fund
• Access Mode: Online
• Nationality: International students

This scholarship can be considered as one of the best international scholarships that can be availed by Indian students. If there is a desire to attain this Scholarship to Study in France for Indian Students they can follow the below points. [Quote]


• Eligible Countries: All nationalities
• Acceptable Course or Subjects: Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in any of the institute’s subjects are available.
• Admissible Criteria: To be eligible for this fund, the applicant must be from a non-European Union country, whose household does not submit taxes in the European Union, and who have been accepted into a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program.

How to Apply

Aspirants should enroll in the institute’s bachelor’s and master’s degree programs to be considered for this studentship. Seekers can apply for this education grant after receiving affirmation. So let’s start with the most frequent Scholarships in France for International Students.
• Supporting Documents
You’ll also need to provide proof of income as well as paperwork describing your family’s condition.
• Admission Requirements
You must have your previous degree qualification certificates on hand if you want to apply for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.
• Language Requirement
To study at the institute, all candidates must meet the English language requirement.

Emile Boutmy Scholarship Benefits

Bachelor’s degree

Emile Boutmy scholarships are in the form of registration scholarships at the bachelor’s level. This scholarship may be worth €13,000, €8,800, €6,000, or €3,600 per year for the three years of the Bachelor’s degree. Scholarship awardees will keep their scholarships for their year abroad (third year of the Bachelor’s degree).

Master’s degree

The Emile Boutmy scholarship in the Master’s program is a registration scholarship of €12,200 each year for the two years of the Master’s degree.

Eligibility for Emile Boutmy Scholarship

Students that are eligible for the Emile Boutmy scholarship include:
Who will be referred to as newcomers? (Any foreigner arriving in France for the first time is referred to as a newcomer). Non-European Economic Area nationals who live in a non-European tax household admission to a University College or Master’s level degree program.

Not eligible for Emile Boutmy Scholarships

Applicants with mixed nationality, at least one of whom is European; master’s level applicants from Quebec (as they can benefit from sliding-scale fees in the same way as European students). Newcomers at the bachelor’s level, on the other hand, can apply for the Emile Boutmy scholarship.

• Candidates for Master’s level double degree programs.
• Thesis candidates for Ph.D. programs.
• Unless the jury decides otherwise, Boutmy scholarships cannot be paired with any other scholarship (Eiffel, AEFE, BGF, etc.).
• These grants are given out based on academic excellence and the profile sought for the program. Social factors are also taken into account.

Programs of Study

Bachelor’s Degree

• Law,
• Economics,
• History,
• Humanities,
• Political science,
• Sociology
Central and Eastern Europe, Europe and Asia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean, Europe and the Franco-German area, Latin America, Spain and Portugal, and Europe and North America are among the specialties available.

Master’s Degree

There are twenty-seven master’s degree tracks available at Sciences PO:
Public Business School
• Master of Public Policy
• Master European Affairs

School Of International Affairs
• Master in International Security
• Master in International Governance and Diplomacy
• Master in International Economic Policy
• Master in International Development
• Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action
• Master in Environmental Policy
• Master in International Energy
• Joint Master in Journalism and International Affairs.

Law School

• Master’s degree in judicial and legal careers
• Master of Business Law
• Master Economic Law (English track)
• Master joint Law and Finance

Journalism School

• Master of Journalism
• Master’s degree joint journalism and international affairs

School Of Management and Innovation
• Master of Finance and Strategy
• Master in International management and sustainability
• Master’s in Human Resources Organizations and Management
• Master Innovation & Digital Transformation
• Master Marketing & Society
• Master Marketing: New Luxury & Art of Living
• Master Communications, Media and Creative Industries
• Master Communications, Media and Creative Industries (English track)
• Master joint Law and Finance.

Urban School

• Master of Territorial and Urban Strategies
• Master Governing the Large Metropolis
• Master Governing Ecological Transitions in European Cities
• Cycle of Urban Planning.

Research School (Ex Doctoral School)

• Master’s in Economics
• Masters in History
• Master Political Science
• Master of Sociology.

Important Dates

• The deadline for applicants from a foreign secondary school to apply for a Bachelor’s degree in mid-February 2022. (Date to be confirmed).
• The deadline for Bachelor’s degree applications from French high school graduates is mid-June 2022. (Date to be confirmed).

Application Procedure for Emile Boutmy Scholarship

The scholarship is not automatically awarded; instead, it must be sought via the candidate’s online application page. To be considered for the Emile Boutmy scholarship, you must first apply to and be accepted into one of Sciences Po’s Bachelor’s or Master’s programs.

In the “Financial Information” part of your online application, you will be able to apply for the Emile Boutmy scholarship. After you’ve entered your nationality in the “Personal Information” section, this screen will appear. Students from India can appeal for this scholarship without a doubt because it is one of the best Scholarships to Study in France for Indian Students.

To summarise the preceding steps, you must:

Apply for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program online.
Apply for the Emile Boutmy scholarship using the tab “Financial Information” in your online application space. [Quote]

Who to Contact About Emile Boutmy Scholarship

You can contact Sciences Po’s Admissions Department with any queries by filling out the contact form or calling +33 (0)1 45 49 50 82. Please be aware that France is on summer vacation. From July 31 to August 15, the admissions office will be closed.

Please do not renew your requests during this time because no emails will be processed. From July 31 to August 31, the telephone answering service will be unavailable.

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How can I get a scholarship in France?

A great number of scholarships are available for foreign students through French public institutes and the Erasmus+ program to assist them to fund their studies in France and Europe.
• Campus bourses are a must-have instrument for raising funds.
• Scholarships offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
• Scholarships offered by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Are universities in France free for international students?

Well, it depends on what type of scholarship you are availing of. Although France is not as well-known for its economical higher education as Germany, international students may be astonished to learn that they can study in France for free (or at a very low cost), regardless of their country.

How can international students study in France for free?

If you have such type of desire, then you have to earn any specific feature among these-
• Be a fantastic applicant with excellent grades. Universities usually always select the top candidates from among thousands of applicants.
• Scholarships are available in France.
• International students can attend low-cost universities in France.

How can an Indian student get a scholarship to study in France?

The French Ministry of Higher education and Research also awards scholarships to some foreign students, based on social criteria. To be eligible, students must have been residing in France for at least two years and be paying taxes in France.
• Charpak is the name of the French government’s scholarship program in India, which is administered by the French Embassy in India.
• For Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, the Charpak scholarship program offers three categories of assistance.
• Learn it from their website in detail.

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